"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord..."plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Speaking Topics for Groups

Hope Rocks
Join your tour guide, a fellow grumbler from the desert, and the Israelites as you trek through the wilderness to the Promiseland. Journey through suffering, persevering, character-building and hope. Learn to be free, be still, and be ready to be filled with God's promises for a future with hope. This is Kathe's signature retreat that will give you a true Hopelifter experience as you cross over through the Jordan.

Living a Connected Life 
Journey to the vineyard to explore the truth of John 15. Cut away the distractions that clutter your life. Discover how cleansing, pruning, and living connected are essential to live a fruitful life. This series includes a customized booklet, worship experience, prayer experience, and a variety of activities to connect your group.

The Vertical Limit 
Gear up for a faith-building adventure to the mountains where you'll be challenged to climb higher in your faith. Discover how to scale the personal mountains in your life, hold on to truth and support, risk and reach down to help others in their climb and to trust God's limitless power in this three or four session series.

Favorite Topics for one session workshop or keynote: 
  • You Can Be A Hopelifter! Handing out Hope to Just About Anybody 
  • Hope Rocks! 
  • The Network You Need to Succeed 
  • Landscaping Loss into Your Life 
  • Mothers Day: Barren, Broken or Blessed 
  • Say Yes to the Best! 
  • When It's Time To Lay Your Leadership Down

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