"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord..."plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Hope on Wheels

Christ-Centered Day Away Experiences 
to Encourage Women

"Kathe, you need more than hair color, you need to get away with God for a day!" My friend Brenda's words pierced my weary soul. I knew my self-proclaimed hairapist was right. Although I loved God and spent daily time in his word, the demands of being a business owner and ministry leader of Hopelifters Unlimitied www.hopelifters.com, wife, mom to three boys and the multitude of other roles I played was extreme! I needed a break. By the time I left Brenda's salon that day I not only looked better (amazing what a weave can do for you) but I felt better. A few days later I was driving north from Phoenix to Cornville to Living Water Retreat Center to receive color for my soul and spirit. 

I started giving Getaways with God to my friends for birthday gifts and to weary pastors then I rented a home there to take small groups of women away for deep retreats(writing, dreaming, and grieving) During one my small group weekends there I shared my dream to charter a bus and take busy and hurting women away for a day. That was almost five years ago...

In February of 2010, God connected me to Master's Touch, a Christian owned and operated bus company. In March of 2010, I invited 32 random women from age 13 to 81 to get on board for my first Hopelifter's... Hope On Wheels day getaway to Living Water Retreat Center www.livingwaterretreatcenter.com. I was the tour guide. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Women loved being pampered, all meals included, and the afternoon away from the city to a serene place for spiritual refreshment. In May I hosted a "Mother's who had lost children's bus" Sponsors and friends underwrote the entire cost.

Get on board with Hopelifter's Hope On Wheels! Choose from the variety of day getaways planned. Come alone or bring a friend or your small group. Send a friend or a woman who is discouraged or weary. Or....get on board as a sponsor...the return on your investment is eternal!